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Aerfen Mills

Session title

Developing Metacognition in the Curriculum

2.45 - 3.45pm

Workshop overview

  • Why and how metacognition can be used to enhance the curriculum; our school journey

  • Methods for using thinking routines and practices in the core curriculum

  • Enhancing the foundation curriculum with thinking routines

  • The impact of having a metacognitive approach on task design and pupils' learning


Aerfen Mills is the Head of School at Colyton Primary Academy, part of the First Federation Trust in Devon. She has been at Colyton for 13 years as a passionate and skilled KS2 teacher and now as Head. She was the maths lead and key stage 2 lead as well as curriculum lead for many years and is successfully leading the school and its Drive Team on a journey of developing meta-cognitive practice. An engaging, well-developed curriculum is integral to developing children's passion for learning and this is at the core of the Colyton mindset. 

Aerfen Mills
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