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Amarbeer Singh Gill

Session title

Why are students so bad at learning?

10.35 - 11.35pm

Workshop Overview

  • Why is it so difficult to get our students to retain the information we give them?

  • Why is it such a challenge to figure out exactly what our students do and don't know?

  • And why is it that they can spend hour after hour studying, only to struggle a short while afterwards?

Building on his Strengthening the Student Toolbox 'In Action' book, Amarbeer will explore how understanding the relationship between learning and performance can provide answers to these questions. We’ll look at common traps, what we can do to avoid them, and how we can use all of that to develop our practice.


Amarbeer Singh Gill (or Singh as he's more commonly known) has a background in secondary maths and teacher education. Singh currently works for Ambition Institute as a teacher educator and Haberdasher's Academies Trust as Senior Trust Lead for maths. He has an MA in Expert Teaching and in 2022 published Strengthening the Student Toolbox 'In Action'. You can find out more about him on twitter @SinghAmarbeerG, or his blog

Amarbeer Singh Gill
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