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Arabella Northey

Session title

The Teacher as a Cognitive Coach

10.45 - 11.45am

Workshop overview

This workshop will seek to:

  • explore the concept of the teacher as cognitive coach and the key skills involved

  • apply the seven-step model for explicitly teaching metacognitive strategies as recommended by the EEF

  • unpack the use of planning or generative questions to deepen student understanding


Arabella holds a Masters in Divinity from the University of Edinburgh and has spent over sixteen years working in both the state and private schools. As a Deputy Head, she introduced the IBDP as an alternative to A Levels to foster and equip young people with the skills and tools to be expert learners. Having completed her NPQH, Arabella decided to combine her experience and interest in Metacognition and Self-regulation by joining Thinking Matters in 2022.

Arabella Northey
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