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Candice Wood

Session title

Teaching the Science of Learning Across Key Stages

10.45 - 11.45am

Workshop Overview:  

  • How to introduce learners from KS1-4 to their brain function and how to apply that to their learning

  • Examples of practice and materials to support implementation

  • Discussing the impact


Dice Wood has worked in secondary education since 2007, previously working in teaching peripatetic music. She holds a degree in Music from Chichester University and an MMus in Russian Music Studies from Goldsmiths College. She currently teaches Music, History and Metacognition at an all girls grammar school. Dice became involved in Thinking Skills when her school embarked on transforming into a Thinking School, gaining their first accreditation from Exeter University in 2012, and from 2015 holding Advanced Status. 

Dice was the school thinking coordinator from January 2016 until 2021, leading the development of new initiatives and overseeing staff training. As such she has previously delivered workshops in the UK on secondary outreach programmes for feeder primary schools, and using Google Education Suite to help enhance Thinking Skills. She still plays an active role in the school’s Drive Team, but now focuses time on writing and developing the pedagogical side of thinking skills rather than the day to day running within the school.

Candice Wood
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