Dr James Mannion

Session title

Making sense of metacognition: theory and practice for the classroom

10:45 - 12:00pm

Workshop Overview:

Over the last 12 years, Dr James Mannion has worked with colleagues to develop the Learning Skills curriculum, a whole-school approach to teaching young people how to become more confident, proactive, self-regulated learners. An 8-year impact evaluation at the University of Cambridge found that Learning Skills led to significant gains in subject learning across the curriculum, with accelerated gains among students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Learning Skills approach has since been successfully implemented in a range of settings - from early years to universities, from schools in areas of high disadvantage to international colleges, and from workplaces to refugee camps. In this interactive workshop, James will provide an overview of self-regulated learning, exploring theory, evidence and practice relating to three powerful, related ideas: metacognition, self-regulation and oracy. Participants will come away a range of practical strategies for unleashing the power of metacognition in the classroom.


Dr James Mannion is the Director of Rethinking Education, an organisation dedicated to research-informed school improvement through learning to learn, practitioner inquiry and implementation science. He has a Masters in Person-Centred Education from the University of Sussex, a PhD in Learning to Learn from the University of Cambridge, and is an Associate at the Centre for Educational Leadership, UCL Institute of Education. James is also the host of the popular Rethinking Education podcast, which features long-form conversations with a wide range of guests about how we might rethink, reform and re-create education so as to bring about a more harmonious, less hair-raising state of world affairs. For more information, visit rethinking-ed.org.

Dr James Mannion