Dr Jenny Campbell

Session title

Metacognitive Writing

1:00 - 2.:15pm

Workhop Overview

  • Theory around the importance of using metacognition when writing to help develop self-regulation

  • Tried and tested metacognitive writing classroom strategies for all key stages, with opportunities to discuss and adapt these to your own setting

  • Instant takeaways with proven impact

  • Key strategies for developing members of your team so they can implement metacognitive strategies


Jenny Campbell is the Subject Leader of Geography in a comprehensive secondary school academy in Coventry. Jenny has a PhD in Physical Geography, specialising in Quaternary climate change, and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Studies, where she developed a student-centred approach to metacognition and retrieval and spaced practice. Jenny is driven to inspire students from all socio-economic backgrounds, regardless of barriers to learning and their starting point, to have an impact on the world in which they live. A lover of teaching & learning, Jenny is a firm believer in research-informed teaching, and she is always looking for innovative improvements to refine her practice.

Dr Jenny Campbell