Dr Rachel Avery

Session title

Metacognition in Action, Caterham School

2:45 - 4:00pm

Workshop Overview:

· A very brief reminder of the structure of memory

· Maximising use of cognitive load and metacognition - how to train use of load in the classroom when learning new information

· Metacognition and feedback - how do we nurture the best kind of meta-cognition when giving feedback (this will involve some reflective exercises of how teachers current feedback might already be shaping metacognition in their class)

· The impact of instructions on metacogition - how what we say and the guidance we give, can change how metacognition happens


Rachel is Assistant Head at Caterham School, Surrey, and a Chartered Research Psychologist who works with various schools and organisations exploring cognition in action. Prior to her at Caterham School, Rachel held a lectureship and research post at the University of Surrey. Her PhD thesis explored the strategic use of memory resources during learning, which has fuelled continued research and practice in the areas of metacognition, problem solving and design of authentic assessments in education. Rachel has published research in topical areas such as working memory and cognitive load, metacognition, guided vs pure discovery learning, peer learning, adolescent mental health and pupil employability.

Dr Rachel Avery