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Emily Capel

Session title

Framing Thinking: The Writer's Journey and Metacognitive Visual Tools

11.45 - 12.45pm

Workshop overview


Emily Capel has been teaching for over 10 years, embarked upon her teaching journey in 2008 obtaining a Batchelor of Education (BEd) at Plymouth University. returning to her roots, Emily took her first teaching role in a primary school in Cwmbran, Wales, teaching Year 6 and enhancing her skills as leader of Music and Maths Lead and as a member of the senior leadership team.

Looking to develop her passion for thinking and metacognition, Emily joined Danescourt in Cardiff, an accredited Thinking School. Emily became a member of the ‘Think Tank’ team, whilst taking on the roles of Expressive Arts Lead and Year 5 and 6 Lead. Emily is now in her 7th year at Danescourt and since returning from maternity leave, she continues her teaching journey leading Years 1 and 2, developing foundation learning practices and embedding metacognitive strategies.

Emily Capel
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