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Gemma Aukett

Session title

Motivation & Engagement: Hidden Treasure

11.45 - 12.45pm

Workshop overview

  • This session will focus on a whole child approach and how discovering the hidden treasure within can help us to unlock student potential and encourage engagement.

  • We will explore the journey of learning and how different approaches can provide a ‘map’ to lead the way on this adventure.

  • You will be introduced to the Motivational Maps, an exciting tool that can be used with students to identify their intrinsic motivators and provides a foundation for rich and meaningful conversations and interventions both within a pastoral and academic context.


Following her time performing with an educational theatre company, Gemma trained as a Drama teacher and worked as Head of Drama, Head of Arts Faculty and Thinking Schools Coordinator at a State Secondary School in Essex. After a decade in these roles, Gemma decided to turn her focus towards the pastoral side of school life, taking on the role of Houseparent and Thinking Schools Lead at a State Boarding School in Surrey. Gemma now works as an Educational Consultant and enjoys working with schools, teachers, the University of Kent and Thinking Matters, exploring the wonders of metacognition!

Gemma Aukett
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