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Maria Coyle

Session title

A vocabulary for thinking: The power of Thinking Moves

2.45 - 3.45pm

Workshop overview

An insighful workshop into the power of Thinking Moves

  • Modelling how it can be used in teacher-student interactions

  • Giving you 3 easy takeaways to use in the classroom next week

  •  How the Thinking Moves framework can enhance written feedback and student reflection


Maria Coyle has been teaching for 23 years, with 16 years high school experience teaching both Modern Foreign Languages and Religious Education, and 7 years Sixth Form College experience teaching Religious Studies A-level, Core RE and EPQ.  'Thinking about thinking' has always been her passion, and she is currently taking a lead on embedding the Thinking Moves A-Z framework at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College, Leeds. Maria will be undertaking a Farmington Scholarship research project in the coming academic year investigating the impact of Thinking Moves in the RE curriculum. Maria will be joined by Tom Bigglestone, one the original co-authors of the Thinking Moves an A-Z Framework book, to help demonstrate what the Thinking Moves look like in practice.

Maria Coyle
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