Olivia Work

Session title

Weaving Visible Thinking Routines into Classroom Practice

10:45 - 12.00pm

Workhop Overview

This workshop will look at:

  • Why to use Visible Thinking Routines

  • The favourite Thomas' routines and why they've chosen them

  • How to weave Visible Thinking Routines into day to day practice

  • The impact of Visible Thinking Routines

Other presenters on this workshop from Thomas's are: Beth McCord,  Anne Davidson and Camilla Spur


Olivia is the Enquiry Lead at Thomas's Battersea. She oversees Humanities in the Prep School and has a passion for innovative teaching content which has steered Battersea into a hugely successful contemporary curriculum. September will bring a new role for Olivia: Curriculum Development Coordinator for the whole Thomas's group.

Olivia Work