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Prof. Daniel Muijs

Session title

Metacognition and memory: how are they related and what does that mean for learning and teaching?

1.30 - 2.30pm

Workshop Overview

Daniel will be looking at what we know about how our memory works, what that means for knowledge retention and why knowledge is so important, even within an AI infused world. He will also be exploring what metacognition and self regulated learning are, myths surrounding them, the relationship between the two and memory and what our understanding of these different areas means for both teaching and learning.


Professor Daniel Muijs is Head of the School of Social Sciences, Education, and Social Work and Professor of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. Previously he has held professorial positions at a range of UK and international universities, led the Research and Evaluation team at Ofsted and is the co-author of the EEF's guidance report on 'Metacognition and Self Regulated Learning'. Daniel is an expert on school and teacher effectiveness, and has published widely in this field. He is editor of the journal School Effectiveness and School Improvement.

Prof. Daniel Muijs
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