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Rachel Grey

Session title

Developing a Culture of Self-Regulated Learning

2.45 - 3.45pm

Workshop overview

  • The characteristics of independent as opposed to dependent learners

  • to understand areas of practice which can be developed to support students in identifying their strengths and areas for development and set goals

  • To identify and plan their thinking processes, and to be able to evaluate their learning

  • We will consider the aspects of metacognition and self-regulation which need to be combined to develop self-regulated learners 

  • Practical strategies, including Thinking tools, which teachers can use in the classroom to achieve this


I am a member of the Thinking, Teaching and Learning team for TSAT. I am extremely passionate about all students receiving the very highest quality experiences within the classroom and how a thinking approach supports this.

I trained as a secondary history teacher in 2001 and throughout my career have had a range of roles within schools. I have been fortunate enough to work as an Advanced Skills Teacher, a Curriculum Leader, lead on Thinking, Teaching and Learning as an Assistant Principal and as a Vice Principal at The Portsmouth Academy. Having been Principal of The Portsmouth Academy between 2019-2022 I led the school to achieve Microsoft Showcase School status and have a deep interest in how digital resourcing can support students’ learning, employability skills and also reduce teacher workload. I have considerable experience of strategic leadership and development in all aspects of school life. I am keen to ensure that all teachers have access to high quality, evidence informed CPD and coaching, and how this can support our thinking journey.

Rachel Grey
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