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Rachel Grey

Session title

Developing a Culture of Self-Regulated Learning

2.45 - 3.45pm

Workshop overview

In this session I will encourage teachers to consider the characteristics of independent as opposed to dependent learners; to understand areas of practice which can be developed to support students in identifying their strengths and areas for development and set goals; to identify and plan their thinking processes, and to be able to evaluate their learning. We will consider the aspects of metacognition and self-regulation which need to be combined to develop self-regulated learners and practical strategies, including Thinking tools, which teachers can use in the classroom to achieve this


I am an experienced primary teacher and a hub assistant headteacher for teaching

and learning within a Multi-Academy trust. In my role, I offer professional

development and support across multiple primary and secondary schools. I am

passionate about the importance of a knowledge-rich curriculum and ‘Teaching to


Rachel Grey
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