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Sandy Evans

Session title

Developing Metacognition in the Curriculum

2.45 - 3.45pm

Workshop overview

  • Why and how metacognition can be used to enhance the curriculum; our school journey

  • Methods for using thinking routines and practices in the core curriculum

  • Enhancing the foundation curriculum with thinking routines

  • The impact of having a metacognitive approach on task design and pupils' learning


Sandy Evans is a skilled and experienced KS2 practitioner. Over her teaching career she has taken on many roles varying from behaviour lead, phase leader in a large primary school, leadership of a range of foundation subjects and more recently Y6 teacher, English lead, oracy lead and deputy head of teaching and learning at Colyton Primary Academy in East Devon. She is currently focused on working alongside her Head and Drive Team to embed metacognitive routines into the curriculum.

Sandy Evans
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