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Thomas Powell

Session title

Metacognition in the Early Years

10.35 - 11.35am

Workshop Overview:

  • Discover practical strategies to cultivate metacognition in the early learners, empowering the children with invaluable self-awareness and critical thinking skills right from the start.

  • Collaboratively plan lessons that seamlessly integrate metacognition tools into every aspect of the curriculum, ensuring engaging and effective learning experiences for your pupils.

  • Explore the Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats technique and learn how to adapt it across the seven areas of learning, leveraging our school mascots' unique characteristics to inspire creativity and problem-solving.

  • Master the art of using Thinking Frames to scaffold activities, providing essential support while encouraging independent thinking and fostering a culture of reflection and growth in your classroom.


Thomas Powell is a Class Teacher at The Mulberry House School where he also oversees Staff Development. He has worked as a teacher in China for over ten years before moving back to the UK in 2022. Thomas coordinates our Thinking School's Drive team and has a keen interest in bringing the expressive arts into the school curriculum to empower pupils to become confident and independent learners.

Thomas Powell
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